Going home after Gallbladder Surgery

Wound and Dressings

Your wounds are generally covered with steri-strips and waterproof dressings. You may shower as normal with these on. These can be removed after 7 days and the wounds can be left exposed. All stitches are self-dissolving unless you have been advised otherwise. There may be some ooze from your umbilical wound. If the wound becomes red and inflamed contact Dr Jamnagerwalla’s rooms immediately.

Postoperative Activities

Early mobilization is encouraged as well as deep breathing and coughing exercises. These will be uncomfortable initially however are essential to be carried out and become easier with practice. Normal activities such as walking and showering don't have to be restricted.
Avoid heavy lifting for 2 weeks. Vigorous exercise should be avoided until after you are cleared at your follow-up appointment.

Some patients experience shoulder tip pain from the use of gas in the abdomen during surgery. This is normal and will pass over a few days. Nausea can also be a concern in the first 48 hours however this will also subside in time as the anaesthetic drugs leave your system. Medication can be given to control this if it is affecting your eating and drinking.

Continue to wear your compression stockings until you are fully mobile and not restricted with your movement.

You should refrain from driving for at least one week following your surgery.

Returning to work will be dependent on your job and role. Please discuss this with Dr Jamnagerwalla.

Dietary restrictions or needs

You may eat a normal diet. You may experience some diarrhoea on and off in the first few weeks, this is normal. Avoid any foods you notice cause this short term. Ensure you drink plenty of oral fluids to prevent constipation.

Your follow-up appointment is generally 2-4 weeks after your surgery. Please contact Dr Jamnagerwalla's rooms on (02) 8578 2805 to arrange your appointment, unless the appointment has been made for you already.