Going home after Hernia Surgery

Wound and Dressings

Your wounds are generally covered with steri-strips and waterproof dressings. You may shower as normal with these on. These can be removed in the shower after 7 days and the wounds can be left exposed. All stitches are self-dissolving unless you have been advised otherwise. If your wound becomes excessively red or inflamed, contact Dr Jamnagerwalla’s rooms for review.

Postoperative Activities

Early mobilization is encouraged as well as deep breathing and coughing exercises. These activities may be uncomfortable initially, however are essential to be carried out and become easier with practice. Normal activities such as walking and showering don’t have to be restricted.

In most cases, you may resume driving within one week after surgery, ensuring you are fully confident with your mobility and are able to make an emergency stop. You cannot drive 24 hours after an anaesthetic, or if you are taking stronger pain killers other than Paracetamol and / or Nurofen.

You cannot lift anything over 10 kilograms for 6 weeks. For the first two weeks after your surgery, you should try to avoid lifting anything at all.

Returning to work will be dependent on your job. Please discuss this with Dr Jamnagerwalla.

Dietary restrictions or needs

A diet high in dietary fibre to help regulate your bowels and prevent constipation is encouraged. Also try to drink between 1.5 to 2.5L of water per day. A supplement such as Lactulose from the chemist, if you do get constipated, is recommended.


Your follow-up appointment is generally 2 weeks after surgery. Please contact Dr Jamnagerwalla's rooms on (02) 8578 2805 to arrange your appointment, unless the appointment has been made for you already.