Hospital Admissions

The process for your admission to hospital will depend upon which hospital your procedure has been booked for.

To complete your admission online – visit Kareena Private Hospital website or Kingsway Day Surgery website and click the “Online Admission” link under the “Quicklinks” section.

For Sutherland Hospital, your admission booklet will usually have been given to you after your consultation with Dr Jamnagerwalla. Complete this booklet as early as possible and either drop the booklet into the Admissions Department on Level 3 at Sutherland Hospital, or mail your booklet to:

The Sutherland Hospital
Locked Mail Bag 21
Taren Point, NSW 2229

The hospital you have been scheduled to have your surgery at will usually contact you the day prior to inform you of your admission time. Fasting times will also be advised. In general, fasting times are as follows:

If you have had bowel preparation i.e. if you are having a colonoscopy or bowel surgery, you may drink clear liquids up until 2 hours before your time of admission to hospital.

For all other procedures, no solid foods for 6 hours before your time of admission. You may continue drinking clear fluids up until 2 hours before your time of admission to hospital.